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LiDAR point cloud

The LiDAR Point Cloud from Cyclomedia is a three-dimensional point cloud with a very high density. CycloMedia leverages the benefit of capturing LiDAR data simultaneous to capturing our Cyclorama imagery. By this synchronic collection method, we ensure the highest levels of both quality and accuracy.

We further enhance the LiDAR data by processing it with our proprietary CycloPositioner software, to increase its positional accuracy and to perfectly align with our imagery. This, together with the natural colors processed in the point cloud from our Cycloramas, makes the LiDAR Point Cloud a photorealistic, fully three-dimensional source of information for geo-referencing. 

LiDAR Point cloud Cyclorama

LiDAR Point cloud


Having LiDAR data available also enables the use of Cyclomedia’s Measure Smart tool which takes advantage of a “depth” 3D Cyclorama layer produced from the point cloud, making measuring in cyclorama’s very easy. 

The LiDAR Point Cloud is available for viewing in Street Smart. Parts of the point cloud can also be downloaded for use in other software applications, such as CAD and BIM packages. You can select an area on the map and download a LAZ file for further processing in other applications. 

Use cases

The Cyclomedia LiDAR point cloud adds real value in the following exemplary work processes (amongst others):

3D Visualizations for projects in public spaces

The Cyclomedia LiDAR Point Cloud enables you to visualize public space in 3D in an easy and accessible way. By combining the point cloud with 3D designs of future projects there is a lot to gain in terms of communication towards citizens, within project groups and between client and contractor. This allows you to keep project delays to a minimum.

Measuring and mapping

Because of the high relative accuracy ( < 2 cm) it is possible to measure and map directly in the point cloud in 3D. All regular GIS and CAD software has the possibility to import our point cloud. The use of the CycloMedia LiDAR Point Cloud makes maintenance of basic and core registrations faster and easier, therewith increasing productivity.

Public Space Management and Asset Management

Its high accuracy and photorealistic character makes the CycloMedia LiDAR Point Cloud very suitable for performing tasks in public space management. Whether it concerns vegetation analysis, inventory of objects (road markings, traffic signs, street furniture) or flooding and drainage simulations, the point cloud is a very valuable data source.

Real estate and valuations

Based on the Cyclomedia LiDAR Point Cloud it is very easy to construct the contours of existing buildings in 3D. This makes it possible to efficiently determine the volume of real estate objects to support the valuation process.

Public Order and Safety

The Cyclomedia LiDAR Point Cloud allows you to move freely in three dimensions and view locations from any perspective, enabling line of sight analysis. This makes it possible to easily plan and prepare security of large events. Other applications such as real-time monitoring of visitor flows, visualizing nuisance based on sensors, and simulating calamities reduce risks and contribute to maintaining public order and safety.