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Urban Road Safety Index 2023

How do 25 European cities rank when it comes to road safety?


Feeling safe

Around the world, local governments have a goal: Vision Zero. No more road fatalities by 2050.

The world of mobility and road safety is constantly changing. There are new ways of getting around, such as shared rides and electric cars. Cycling is also increasingly demanding a safe place in traffic.

In European cities, people feel that the roads are not as safe as they used to be. This leads to questions: What are the big problems? What can governments, companies and authorities do to make the roads in European cities safer?

In 2022, Cyclomedia launched this index for the first time. We conducted a survey called the Urban Road
Safety Index. In 2023, we asked 7,515 people who use the roads in 25 European cities.
We wanted to know how safe they feel when they are on the road. We also asked whether they avoid certain traffic situations and whether residents are waiting for all this (electric) shared mobility in traffic at all.

What do people think the government can do to contribute to Vision Zero?

Differences in perceptions of road safety in 25 European cities.

The Urban Road Safety Index 2023