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Asset Management Telco

Inventories for Asset Management

Master Your Telecom Network Assets with Cyclomedia

Gain a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of your network infrastructure with Cyclomedia's street-level imagery, LiDAR data, and automated data extraction.  Our AI technology automatically identifies poles, cabinets, and other street furniture, creating a detailed and accurate inventory that eliminates manual efforts and ensures data consistency. This empowers you to optimize maintenance schedules, streamline asset management, and make data-driven decisions for a more efficient and cost-effective network.

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Asset management

Cyclomedia's solution addresses CSPs' challenges by providing automated asset detection with precise location, highly accurate measurements, and change detection using the world’s most accurate 360° street-level imagery and AI-powered analytics, ensuring a complete view of assets and accurate asset location information.

  • Reduce costs with fewer on-site visits
  • Accelerate timelines and shortens the pre-engineering work
  • Increase Monetization of your assets through improved asset management

Validation of assets

The Street Smart app ensures alignment between field survey teams and operation teams by providing access to the same imagery, maps, aerial photographs, and oblique views, and the new Snapshot functionality enables real-time picture-taking, facilitating alignment, digital tracking of fiber routes, and conflict resolution.

  • Reduce conflicts on reconstructions with municipalities
  • Gain insight how build teams rolled out their fiber
  • Align field surveys with internal design teams

Virtual precision auditing for procurement

Cyclomedia's street-level imagery and LiDAR data transform procurement for CSPs and Tower Companies by enabling remote, virtual measurement for accurate invoice verification, preventing overbilling and streamlining financial processes.

  • Cost Savings through Accurate Invoicing Verification
  • Efficient Procurement Processes and Resource Allocation
  • Enhanced Financial Transparency and Accountability

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