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small cells

Small Cells Deployments

Simplify Small Cell Deployment with Cyclomedia

Pinpoint ideal locations and streamline site selection for your small cell network with Cyclomedia's street-level imagery, LiDAR data, and data extraction. Automatically identify existing poles, overhead cables, and street furniture to avoid conflicts and accelerate deployment.  Our platform empowers you to make data-driven decisions, reduce site survey costs, and ensure a successful small cell rollout.

Virtual site survey

Through the Cyclomedia Street Smart interactive web viewer, you will be able to gather information, perform site surveys and evaluate all findings directly from your desktop, reducing the need to send engineers to the field.

  • Reduce costs with fewer on-site visits
  • Improve rollout speed performing faster site surveys
  • Reduce material costs with a more precise site survey

Improve Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Cyclomedia’s technology streamlines 5G small cell deployment by providing accurate visualizations that facilitate regulatory compliance, expedite permitting processes, and enhance community relations, thereby accelerating market entry and reducing compliance risks.

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market leading to faster revenue generation
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Relations ensuring smoother and more harmonious rollouts
  • Mitigated Compliance Risks ensuring on-time deployment and reducing legal or regulatory setbacks

Accurate Site Selection

Cyclomedia's street-level imagery and LiDAR data empower you to pinpoint optimal small cell locations with unparalleled accuracy, considering infrastructure, obstructions, terrain, and antenna placement for minimized costs, interference, and a faster rollout.

  • Cost Savings through Efficient Deployment
  • Enhanced Performance through Minimized Interference
  • Accelerated Network Rollout leading to faster revenue generation

Enhanced Network Planning

While Cyclomedia's street-level imagery aids site selection by visually assessing the urban landscape, its companion, LiDAR Data, shines in network planning, offering ultra-precise 3D modeling for optimizing line-of-sight, minimizing interference, and maximizing coverage, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in antenna placement and the most robust 5G network possible.

  • Enhanced Network Performance and Reliability
  • Reduced Interference for Better User Experience
  • Efficient Resource Allocation and Cost Savings

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