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Urban Planning

A city never stands still. A city must be a place where everyone can move around safely, where everyone can connect with each other and where an economy can flourish. In order to keep all this on track, it is important that every project that contributes to it can be executed properly, but how?

Using qualitative data of the public space and professionals who know what they are talking about, governments and companies make decisions that have an impact on all the developments that take place in a city. Bridges are built, roads are constructed, green areas are created, homes are built, and much more. A better city starts with ideas, comes to life with good decisions and ends with a liveable environment for all.

Citizen Teaser City

How Cyclomedia can help


Decisions taken to change a city have an impact. Good data helps.


Create changes that make a city better. Our data provides insight into all processes.


Collaborate better, smarter and more securely by drawing from a single data source

The LiDAR point cloud as a basis for measurements of buildings and objects

Most popular products

What products help you when it comes to urban planning?

Mobility Pack

Productspackage mobility and traffic

Utility Pack

Solutionpackage for energysuppliers


A 360° panoramic view at street level

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