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Highway Safety Management

Highway Safety

Cyclomedia’s 3D roadway imagery, data extraction services and software tools can help Safety Offices with more than just MIRE data. Whether you are creating a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) or supporting FHWA initiatives such as Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR), Railroad-Highway Crossing Program (RHCP), or Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP), having complete and accurate data is crucial for informed decision making. Along with providing detailed roadway characteristics, we also inventory countermeasures and physical assets, as well as identify and collect information about important safety areas, such as railroad crossings, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossings.  

  • MIRE Collection & Inventory 
  • Crash Investigations 
  • Countermeasure Inventory 
  • Railroad crossings 
  • Measurement Tools 
  • Lane widths 
  • Curb heights 
  • Clear zone 
  • Cross Slope 
  • Superelevation 
ITD was astounded at how quickly our project came together. Vehicle-based collection started the last day of June 2020 and our entire state highway system was driven in under three weeks! Processed roadway imagery and LiDAR depth surface rapidly started appearing in Street Smart.

Nikolaus Sterbentz, ITD Project Manager

What products will help you with highway safety management?

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