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Cyclomedia and privacy

Cyclomedia's Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy, Cyclomedia Technology B.V. (hereinafter ‘Cyclomedia’) explains how it deals with the privacy of your personal data, i.e. the data that you provide us with or the data that we possibly record by taking photographs from public roads. Do you wish to know how we deal with the personal data that you provide us with, for instance, through our website? Please click here for more information. For specific information about the use of cookies on our website, please see our Cookie policy.

Do you wish information about our privacy policy in respect of photographs we take from the public road? If so, please click here or consult the frequently asked questions about this subject.

Your rights

If we process your personal data, you can request access, rectification, erasure, , restriction of processing and portability of this data. In addition, you can raise objections to the use of your personal data. You can do this in writing: by e-mail to, through the contact page on our website, or by post to the following address:

Cyclomedia Technology B.V. Van Voordenpark 1b 5300 CE ZALTBOMMEL, the Netherlands

If you request access, we may ask you to prove your identity, in order to prevent abuse. Should the personal data processed by us contain errors, you can request us to change or remove these data. In addition, you can inform us in writing if you do not appreciate being approached by us with information about our products and services.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Processing of personal details in our photography from the public road

Imagery from public roads Cyclomedia gathers GeoCycloramas (360-degree panoramic images) from public roads. Cyclomedia uses mobile mapping technology to gather these images, providing current and clear views of street level environments readily from the web. GeoCycloramas have a number of unique features, including metric accuracy and geo-referencing.

Not real-time GeoCycloramas reflect the environment as on the day the pictures have been taken. Cyclomedia does not make video recordings and the images gathered are not real-time. Once the images have been gathered, these are processed, transferred to a database and ultimately delivered to Cyclomedia customers.



1. I believe Cyclomedia has gathered images from my private grounds. How can I request for these images to be removed?

We are only allowed to take pictures from the public road. We will remove images from our database that accidently have been gathered from private grounds. You can send an email with your request to

2. I believe I am visible in a picture and I would like to file a complaint regarding this visibility, how can I do this?

You can send an email with your request to and we will consider your request. If you are clearly recognisable in a picture we are able to blur your appearance accordingly.

3. What can I do if I believe an image contains inappropriate content?

Please send your request by email to and we will consider your request.

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy. Any changes will be published on this website.