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Effectively manage utilities with detailed imagery and data insights

Utilities provide the public with vital resources—electricity, natural gas, and water. Having a comprehensive inventory and performing proper maintenance of utility assets is vital for safety, reliability, service quality and customer satisfaction. Planning and engineering new and modernized networks, mitigating potential risks, and managing service disruption are far more difficult with inaccurate GIS data. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date asset records and site conditions surrounding your network can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the following challenges:

Poor GIS data quality

  • GIS data is difficult and expensive to keep up-to-date
  • When data quality suffers, downstream processes fail, causing costly mistakes, re-work, and lost time

Manual field work

  • Asset inventories, inspections, and condition assessment performed by field crews – this process is infrequent and high risk
  • Manual field work is slow, expensive, and often incomplete

Open configuration options

Lack of efficiency and agility

  • Network upgrades and new builds are essential to market share, regulatory pressures, and customer experience, but…
  • Critical activities and processes are slow and inefficient

Our Approach: Network Asset Insights

To address these challenges, Cyclomedia brings a unique and innovative approach to asset management via fast and scalable mobile data collection. Using a patented five-camera system, Cyclomedia captures 360° high resolution, spatially accurate panoramic imagery. Street-level data provides an up-close perspective that helps network operators tackle large-scale, network-wide asset inventory projects with detailed visualization of overhead infrastructure, surface features, vegetation and site conditions. In addition to highly accurate 3D imagery and LiDAR data, Cyclomedia performs asset data identification and extraction using machine learning and AI processes. These capabilities and insights are proven to help organizations make informed data-driven decisions that enable faster project cycles, proactive maintenance and risk mitigation.

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Vegetation Management

One of the biggest challenges facing electric utilities today is vegetation overgrowth near conductor lines and utility infrastructure. Due to shrinking operations and budgets with large network footprints, vegetation projects are often tackled in a seasonal phased approach, resulting in a never-ending maintenance cycle.

Cyclomedia’s vegetation management services provide valuable insight into vegetation and infrastructure conditions along your network. Automated vegetation encroachment analytics identify locations within the distribution network where vegetation is near overhead electric conductors and pole assets, providing an authoritative and accurate risk level record for the pre-inspection phase. The ability to pinpoint accurate locations and severity of vegetation encroachments allows our utility clients to proactively create precise plans for remediation.

Pole Engineering

Comprehensive pole inspections require extensive field data capture to support engineering, load calculations and regulatory compliance, along with safety and risk mitigation. Asset verification is vital to streamline planning and engineering, improve overall asset data quality and completeness, and reduce potential risks. Cyclomedia’s extensive data dictionary combines automated processes with skilled analysis to deliver actionable results faster and at lower costs than traditional field walk-outs. These results can easily be integrated into the leading structural analysis software and all major GIS platforms.

Attachment Audit

As utilities work more closely with telecommunications and cable companies to optimize space on utility poles, accurate GIS and ERP records are more important than ever. Demand for utility pole infrastructure for communications attachments continues to grow and is increasingly more complicated and difficult to manage. Having up to date information on pole ownership and pole attachments can help a utility manage attachment requests and recover considerable revenue associated with billable attachments.

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