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Property Appraisal

Increase property appraisal accuracy with real data

Cyclomedia’s street-level imagery provides your property appraisal office with far more than just a high-resolution picture. We capture a series of panoramic images that allow you to see the property from multiple angles, view the surrounding area, view condition and grade, as well as take measurements of structures. 

Cyclomedia property appraisal solution

Across the state there are approximately 100 counties. I can say with 100% confidence that adding Cyclomedia technology to our portfolio of assessment tools has enabled us to be at par, or even exceed, the productivity of similar sized counties with field personnel up to 20% larger.

- Keith Miller, Tax Assessor; Buncombe County, NC


  • 360-degree panoramic images in a regularly-spaced series along streets and alleys to allow views of properties from multiple angles.
  • Pixel sizes of a fraction of an inch to provide detailed views of building materials and property condition.
  • Tools to capture rectangular photographic cut-out images of areas of interest for use on property cards or other reports.
  • Imagery doubles as a community-wide asset, allowing other local government departments to benefit from viewing conditions in the field, collecting data, and taking measurements.

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