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Street Ortho

Cyclomedia Street Ortho

Street Ortho

A highly detailed true orthophoto of the road and its direct surroundings, without any obstruction from trees, bridges, overpasses or moving objects. Cyclomedia Street Ortho is generated from our LiDAR Point Clouds and GeoCycloramas, which are both synchronically collected by our mobile mapping system. By combining them, we create a true orthophoto from the ground up.  

Cyclomedia Street Ortho quickly translates reality into a digital visualization. Whether your goal is analyzing the road network, mapping out entire areas, or updating map data of smaller areas within, Street Ortho enables performing the task with high precision.

In addition to individual base layers, value is added by showing two height layers as a static point cloud. Toggle them off for clear visibility of the ground surface and roads, or toggle them on to view building facade outlines and other objects along the road network in public space. 

Object detection

With a pixel size of less than 1 inch (2cm), the detail of orthophotos is high enough to clearly identify objects, even in shaded areas. You can adjust brightness and contrast yourself too.

By splitting up the point cloud as height layers, the height of objects is also separately displayed. This enables you, for example, to identify the real facade outline rather than only using the roof outlines based on aerial imagery.