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Accelerate time to market with high quality network data

The telecom industry has become increasingly complex and communications service providers are faced with unprecedented competitive pressures. Service providers often compete for the same customers, both businesses and consumers, while having to managing continuous technology innovation and significant investment in next-generation network infrastructure in order to stay ahead. When deploying the latest and greatest network technologies and high demand services such as FTTH and 5G, a time to market advantage means faster access to revenue and increased market share – two essential components of the return on CAPEX investment business case.

As a market leader in the field of location intelligence, Cyclomedia understands that poor data causes mistakes, delays and missed commitments that in turn lead to cost over-runs and customer churn. Traditional manual field walkouts and inspections are expensive, time consuming and require large numbers of resources – not to mention putting staff and contractors at risk – so this approach has not been effective. Cyclomedia has developed specialized solutions for service providers that accelerate the capture real world network infrastructure data and quickly turn it into accurate information and valuable insights that improve productivity across network planning, engineering and operations. Our solutions deliver three important benefits that fuel the digital transformation: improved data quality, reduced costs and accelerated time to market.

Cyclomedia provides:

  • Insight – The necessary location intelligence for a specific location: context and insight (e.g. assets, buildings and roads). 
  • Acceleration – More and better information leads to a better and faster time-to-market, creating a crucial competitive advantage and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Collaboration – All the information and insights are directly accessible to all parties involved, providing one coherent, clear visual projection and the context of the situation.
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