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Accelerate network deployment and maintenance with high quality 3D digital data

The telecom industry is more competitive than ever and has become increasingly complex which means communications service providers (CSPs) are faced with time to market and customer experience pressures. CSPs compete for market share across business and consumer customers while having to manage continuous technology innovation and significant investment in next-generation network infrastructure in order to stay ahead. When deploying the latest and greatest network technologies and high demand services such as FTTH and 5G, accelerating network deployment and response times means faster access to revenue, increased market share, and greater customer loyalty – three essential components of the return on CAPEX investment.

Cyclomedia’s patented imagery and LiDAR capture process offers the highest quality mobile 3D digital twin data on the market. This enables advanced data analytics that leverage machine learning and automation to produce comprehensive asset and feature data that can be easily integrated with the leading GIS platforms.

As a market leader in 3D geospatial intelligence, Cyclomedia understands that poor data causes mistakes, delays and missed commitments that in turn lead to cost over-runs and customer churn. Traditional manual field walkouts and inspections, also known as “boots on the ground” efforts, are expensive, time consuming and require large numbers of resources – not to mention putting staff and contractors at risk – and are long overdue for a digital overhaul. Cyclomedia has developed specialized solutions for service providers that accelerate the capture of real world infrastructure data and quickly turn it into accurate information and valuable insights that improve productivity across network planning, engineering, permitting and operations. Our solutions deliver three important benefits that fuel the digital transformation: improved data quality, accelerated timelines, and scalability.

Cyclomedia provides:

  • Insight – Asset and infrastructure location intelligence including condition, context, and detailed attributes . 
  • Acceleration – High quality Outside Plant (OSP) information at scale leads to shorter cycle times and elimination of risk and surprises.
  • Collaboration – Information and insights directly accessible on the desktop with GIS integration so all stakeholders have one coherent, clear visual projection with real world situational awareness.

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Use Cases

Pole Inventory

Asset management, planning, engineering, make ready, regulatory compliance, and joint use efforts all require a detailed inventory of poles and attachments. This is typically a labor intensive and complex endeavor. Cyclomedia’s Pole Details solution provides a comprehensive inventory that offers insight into the pole characteristics and attachments. The features included in this solution can help CSPs and Engineering firms perform inventory at large scale, improve data quality, and shorten project timelines.

Fiber Engineering

Many factors need to be taken into account before starting a fiber engineering project. An accurate OSP (outside plant) survey and inventory of features within the ROW is necessary before planning, design/drafting, engineering, and permitting stages for both overhead and underground projects in urban, suburban and rural areas. Cyclomedia’s Fiber Engineering solution eliminates most manual “boots on the ground” work and provides an extensive array of surface and overhead features that offer a definitive source of record and base map that can be integrated with all major GIS platforms.

Hear what our customers have to say!

"During Cyclomedia's capture and extraction process, CalComm was able to commit our internal survey bandwidth on other projects, allowing us to scale our operations, increase revenue, and keep our clients happy. 

Engineers have this insatiable appetite for preciseness and completeness: our Engineers were most impressed with Cyclomedia's ability to deliver on both regards. In addition to the accuracy and completeness of the data, productivity as a team increased over 30% and revision requests have dropped significantly"

- Chris Van Ekelenburg, Calcomm President

Jill Scharbarth, Cyclomedia Telco Solutions Engineer, presents ISE webinar

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