CycloMedia is proud to be an Esri Gold Partner, and to state that we integrate across the ArcGIS Platform - from ArcMap and Pro on the desktop, through Online and a Web AppBuilder widget, to Esri Roads and Highways. We highly value our close relationship with Esri teams, and we believe we are “future proof” in that when Esri upgrades products or launches new offerings “we are there” during development and at launch.

CycloMedia has provided its own integration with ArcGIS creating GlobeSpotter for ArcGIS Desktop in 2014. More recently, CycloMedia developed the Street Smart™ web application for ArcGIS Online and the Street Smart widget for Web AppBuilder. Now ArcGIS Online users who have purchased CycloMedia's street-level imagery can access an easy-to-use application for display, data collection, and measuring on GeoCycloramas. Users can visualize and edit their data from a street-view perspective with the goal of enhancing their GIS database while reducing costly field based collection practices. The Web AppBuilder widget lets organizations incorporate GeoCyclorama viewing into their custom-configured apps.

GlobeSpotter for ArcGIS Desktop

CycloMedia provides its own integration with Esri ArcGIS for Desktop.

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Street Smart for ArcGIS online

Street Smart for ArcGIS Online provides a fully integrated viewer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions.


GlobeSpotter for ArcGIS Desktop & Pro

CycloMedia provides its own integration with Esri ArcGIS Desktop & Pro and offers it as source code on GitHub under an open source license (LGPL). This add-in permits the viewing and use of GeoCycloramas within the Esri platform. GeoCycloramas are displayed in a separate window, but directly connected and controlled via tools in ArcGIS Desktop & Pro. Features representing assets visible from the street can be collected directly from GeoCycloramas using the editing tools in ArcGIS Desktop. Data is written directly to feature classes in Esri's "geo-database. If available, historical GeoCycloramas can also be viewed.


More information
If you would like more information about GlobeSpotter for ArcGIS Desktop, please contact us.

Street Smart for ArcGIS Online

Street Smart combines the power of CycloMedia’s GeoCycloramas and Esri’s ArcGIS Online. The Street Smart application is based on ArcGIS Online and provides a fully integrated viewer with point feature editing capabilities. With a unified workflow through ArcGIS users can view, update and share data with other users online.

Asset Inventory
Street Smart provides you with the opportunity to measure or edit point layers and to add these to your own ArcGIS Online database. The point measurement functionality is based on CycloMedia’s existing Smart Click Measuring capabilities. Users are able to enrich the data with attribute information; the attributes are configurable in ArcGIS. This enables you to perform your own Asset Inventory.

Street Smart is available through Esri’s Marketplace, and can be accessed by the ArcGIS Online administrator in your organization. The Street Smart application can then be shared to a preferred ArcGIS Online group where users connect to the application with their existing GlobeSpotter account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes CycloMedia technology unique?
CycloMedia’s patented process creates parallax (distortion)-free panoramic street imagery with a positional and relative accuracy that allows users to take measurements directly on the imagery. Panoramic street-level imagery that supports accurate measurement is unique to CycloMedia and enables data collection and GIS feature overlays in addition to measurement. Measurement relative accuracy is sub-inch.

2. How long has CycloMedia been in business?
We started in 1980 from a research project at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. We are pioneers in “mobile mapping, collecting imagery for our first customer, Rotterdam, in 1995. More than 600 organizations use our products daily.

3. How does CycloMedia interact with Esri's ArcGIS?
CycloMedia provides an add-in for ArcGIS Desktop, a web application for ArcGIS Online and widget for Web AppBuilder. GeoCycloramas are displayed in an embedded viewer within ArcGIS and directly connected and controlled via tools in ArcGIS. Features collected with the desktop add-in or with Street Smart for ArcGIS Online are entered directly into the customer’s' geodatabase. The Web AppBuilder widget lets customers add GeoCyclorama viewing to their custom apps.

4. How do end users benefit from the add-ins?
Common tasks performed include: 1) overlaying existing GIS data 2) collecting features 3) measuring (e.g. the surface area of a road to be repaired) 4) updating the location and attributes of existing features (e.g. adding the accurate height and location of streetlights) 5) creating static JPEGs for reports

5. Who uses your products?
Our products are widely used in government for transportation, tax assessment and public works applications as well as in infrastructure management, construction and real estate insurance industries. Creating and updating asset inventories near streets and assessing conditions of structures are very common uses.

6. What are the technical requirements for Street Smart for ArcGIS Online?
Street Smart is available from the ArcGIS Marketplace. An ArcGIS Online administrator can add this web application to groups in your ArcGIS Online account. Users who are members of those groups can then start using Street Smart with their ArcGIS Online account.

7. Where can I see CycloMedia's data online?
Samples of our GeoCycloramas are viewable via the ArcGIS Online Marketplace.

8. Can GeoCycloramas be shared with the public?
Yes, web-based display is permitted provided that the measuring functionality is disabled and the privacy filtering option (face and license plated blurring) has been selected.

9. What are the technical requirements to access street level imagery?
GlobeSpotter is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application . GlobeSpotter uses Flash- based viewer technology and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Street Smart Web is our new web application written using HTML5, which supports desktop and tablet devices and does not require Flash.

10. What kind of training do you provide?
CycloMedia provides web-based training for all new customers. This instructor-lead training is included at no cost for up to 10 people in most implementations.

11. How fast can CycloMedia collect data?
CycloMedia currently operates multiple vehicles in the US at any given time. New systems can be brought into production as client demand and vehicle deployment allow.

12. Where is CycloMedia's data hosted?
We currently host our data in Microsoft's Azure cloud.

13. Does CycloMedia have developer tools?
Yes, we have a well-documented API for HTML5 and Flash SWF application. You can use either HTML for simple applications or HTML in combination with JavaScript to create more complex applications. We offer our ArcGIS add-in as source code on GitHub under an open source license (LGPL). Developer documentation and codes can be found on our website.

14. Where can I get white papers, product descriptions, and specifications?
Detailed product descriptions as well as current white papers can be found on our website.

15. How can I reach CycloMedia?
We exhibit at many events in the US and in Europe. Check our website and feel free to contact us.

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