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Cyclomedia combines the world’s most accurate 360°street level images with powerful geospatial data analytics - giving you game changing insight into your network assets.

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They seem like simple structures, but street lighting is vital to public infrastructure. The 56 million street lights across Europe help keep road users and the public safe and secure after sunset. Moreover, street light poles are becoming even more critical in our modern, technology-driven world.

Discover the importance of street lighting, the challenges faced by utility companies, and the role of technology in managing changes. Explore success stories and learn how companies like yours have transformed their projects while maximizing ROI.


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Bring your network infrastructure into focus

Utility companies face a complex combination of challenges, from the management and maintenance of ageing assets to the need to drive digital transformation. All while navigating skill shortages, increasing efficiency and working sustainably.

Cyclomedia provides you with the solution to these challenges and more. It combines the world's most accurate 360°street-level images with powerful geospatial data analytics, delivering game-changing insight into your network infrastructure.

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“Unproductive travel times are eliminated, time for the documentation of on-site appointments is not required, and, in addition, you are also doing something for the environment."

 - Axel de Vries, EWE Netz GmbH

Digitalise to better manage and maintain your network assets

Installing, inventorying and maintaining an extensive network of assets is a massive undertaking.

Our 360°street-level images and powerful data-driven intelligence will help you create a geo-referenced asset inventory within minutes to quickly identify asset types, conditions and associated attributes.

Once captured, you can monitor asset conditions and identify potential issues before they become critical, all of this without the need for costly site visits.

Reduce the impact of skills shortages

Skills shortage and an ageing workforce are ongoing challenges for Utility companies worldwide. Digital transformation and innovation are among the most effective ways to increase your team's productivity so they can do more with fewer resources.

Cyclomedia's smart visual data can help you reduce site visit hours by up to 75%* while drastically increasing productivity across your network planning, procurement, engineering and operations teams.

Plan, design and build your infrastructure

Get complete visibility with remote site surveys so your team can determine site layouts, take accurate measurements, assess surface types, plan your network and see which permits are required.

You can also easily visualise high-level designs of planned projects and assess the impact of planned changes on existing infrastructure, your customers, the wider community and the environment.


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