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Blog | 09 October 2023

Colleague Spotlight: Mei Yan Yuen

For Mei Yan Yuen, maps have always been more than just pieces of paper or digital screens; they've been her guiding light. As she marks her sixth anniversary with Cyclomedia on August 28th, it has become her longest-standing tenure with any company, a testament to her passion for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the journey she's embarked upon.

Mei Yan's fascination with maps began early in life, providing her with a comforting sense of security and direction. Her father's love for navigation only deepened her interest in the art of finding one's way. Her journey into GIS, however, wasn't immediate. Initially majoring in sociology during her college years, Mei Yan's life took a different turn when she enrolled in a Human Geology course. Here, her professor recognized her fervor for unraveling the "where" of things, igniting the spark that would lead her into the world of GIS.

The art of finding one's way

Post-college, Mei Yan's dedication to service saw her joining City Year Milwaukee, an AmeriCorps program. It was here that she encountered GIS's vital role in 911 services and its profound impact on human lives, deepening her resolve to pursue a career in this field. Soon after, she found an opportunity closer to her hometown in Madison, Wisconsin, where she continued her GIS journey.

Working with a LiDAR competitor in Madison, Mei Yan's journey eventually led her to Floating Point, a company seeking to shift its focus toward asset-based extraction. Recognizing the alignment of her interests with the company's goals, she seized the opportunity to join the fledgling team. Mei Yan was among the first group of employees at Floating Point, where her role included managing asset delivery and maintaining stringent quality control—a task often requiring late nights, emblematic of the startup environment. As the company rapidly expanded, Mei Yan helped to assemble a team of dedicated professionals, and developed an onboarding program and software training regimen to ensure the team was well-equipped to meet their challenges.  

When Floating Point merged with Cyclomedia in 2019, Mei Yan's journey continued to evolve. She embraced the opportunity to contribute to Madison-based collection operations, further solidifying her position as a cornerstone of the team. Over her six years with the company, Mei Yan has witnessed remarkable growth and change. “The teams have expanded significantly, new workflows have emerged, and I’m proud to have been a part of this transformative period,” said Mei Yan.

Outside of her professional life, Mei Yan is as diverse in her interests as her career journey. She enjoys cooking, kayaking, hiking, board games, and spending quality time with friends, family, and her feline companions. On her bucket list is a journey back to Hong Kong to visit family, and in the future, she eagerly anticipates more travels, especially international adventures.

In Mei Yan's own words, "I'm very excited to be surrounded by my team members Dani and Kaitlyn. Coming from a sociology background, I am always rooting for diversity and empowering the minority. I am very excited about the diversity and background of my team. I am looking forward to our continued success!" Mei Yan Yuen's story is an example of curiosity, adaptability, and seizing opportunities. Her curiosity ensures that the future of Cyclomedia holds even greater opportunity!

Congratulations & thank you to Mei Yan on Celebrating 6 years with Cyclomedia!