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Blog | 12 March 2024

Colleague Spotlight: Mike Froseth

Mike Froseth’s career path resembles a rich tapestry of diverse experiences rather than a straightforward trajectory from point A to point B. Initially drawn to engineering, he embarked on his educational journey at UW-Madison. However, after two years he realized that spending long hours behind a computer immersed in complex calculations and material strength modeling didn’t align with his aspirations. Consequently, Mike transitioned to a Behavioral Science and Law program.

After graduation, Mike entered law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff at the Dane County Sheriff’s office. After four years as an officer, he recognized that a lifelong career in law enforcement wasn’t his calling either. Driven by a desire to work with people and tackle real-world challenges, he began exploring other career paths, ultimately enrolling in and completing a master’s program in Project Management at UW-Platteville. Mike subsequently joined Blain’s Farm & Fleet as a construction project manager while simultaneously continuing his education by obtaining his PMP certification. During his 16 years with Blain’s, Mike progressed to higher roles, reaching a director-level position in the company overseeing all construction operations.

Despite not actively seeking a change, when he received a call from a recruiter asking him to review a position for an Operations Director, Mike embraced the opportunity with an open mind. “Some conversations and a few interviews later and here I am”- lucky us!

Mike isn’t just embracing change, he’s driving it. “I love the energy at Cyclomedia," he enthuses. "Everyone sees the rapid growth potential and is working collaboratively to prepare us to scale effectively and take the business to new levels. There are many process improvement opportunities being identified and worked on as a team to promote efficiency and effectiveness. It is hard to not be excited about the cool technologies we work with, the potential growth, and the people around us on this journey."

Right: A rare photo of Mike in uniform at ‘Shop with a Cop’ (2003).

As a mentor for students in project management courses at both Madison College and UW Madison, Mike imparts valuable advice to aspiring professionals: “Anticipate that failure will happen at some point. Plan meticulously, assess risks, and devise mitigation strategies. When things deviate from the plan, don’t hesitate to raise a red flag. Fear of failure shouldn’t hinder action; instead, seek assistance. If you stumble, acknowledge it, discuss it openly, and take corrective steps. Learn from failure and move forward.” Additionally, he underscores the critical role of effective communication, especially during high-stress and uncomfortable situations.

Outside the boardroom, Mike's life revolves around his three children and their myriad of activities. Amidst their frequent activities such as baseball, horseback riding, 4H fairs, and more, they always find time to relax. "There aren’t many places better than sitting outside around a campfire on a spring or summer evening with a group of friends and hearing the background noise of kids laughing and playing ghost in the graveyard." But that’s not all, Mike and his wife are quite the cheeseheads! “We have a small dairy goat farm focused on breeding for specific genetic traits known to improve conversion rates for cheese making. My wife Briana does most of this and I’m primarily just a farm hand.” You could say they’re the ideal Wisconsinites.

Left: Mike & his family having some fun with Bucky before walking their goats in the Cheese Days parade (2022).

Looking ahead, Mike's goals are clear—forge an efficient, agile data operations structure at Cyclomedia while enjoying life with loved ones (goats included). With his unwavering spirit and commitment to excellence, Mike Froseth continues to help Cyclomedia navigate the path toward a future filled with promise and possibility!