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Blog | 08 March 2024

Vacancy In The Spotlight | Grant Johnson | Senior Delivery Manager

Employee In The Spotlight

Each month we put a vacancy in the spotlight. This month it is our US Delivery Manager opening! Former Delivery Manager Grant Johnson recently advanced from his former role as Delivery Manager to Senior Delivery Manager, leaving us the opportunity to grow our team.

We asked Grant 3 questions about his former position:

  • What was the most enjoyable part of your role as Delivery Manager? 
  • What did your day look like? 
  • What actually makes someone a good Delivery Manager?

Will you be our next colleague?

What did you enjoy most when you were a Delivery Manager?

What I enjoyed most was being involved in every step of a solution that helped customers solve real world problems. 

It was exciting to work them to build a solution on paper, work closely with our internal teams to ensure we’re executing on that solution and then getting to deliver that back to the customer and see their (hopefully) positive reaction to our deliverables and hearing about all of the different ways it will make their work easier. 

The process can be difficult, but extremely rewarding when it all plays out. 

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What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities?

Some of the day to day responsibilities include planning for active and upcoming projects, communicating with customers and the sales team to provide updates on active projects and working and problem solving with our internal teams to ensure project milestones are being met. 

No two days were exactly the same and that’s one aspect of the job I really liked.

What qualities make a successful Delivery Manager? 

Being an effective communicator, strong organizational skills, the ability to be dynamic and problem solve along with a self-motivator are key qualities to be a successful delivery manager. It can be a high pressure role so someone that seeks that out and has most, if not all, of the qualities listed will do extremely well in the role. 

Working with Cyclomedia

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