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News | 13 January 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Cyclomedia Introduces New Business Model

Lower Entry Barrier for Municipalities

MIDDLETON, WI January 11, 2022 - Cyclomedia, the leading provider of accurate geospatial imagery data and data analytics is proud to announce that it is once again embracing innovation
and continuing its commitment to be the best in class customer service company by introducing
an annuity business model for local governments and municipalities.

About the Model

This new model enables local governments to reduce both cost and time barriers to access and derive beneficial use from Cyclomedia’s high resolution street level imagery and analytics. It allows these agencies to finance solutions over multiple years rather than a single, lump sum up front payment and, resultingly, reduces the initial capital outlay required. Additionally, in many cases, it will shorten internal decision cycles to project funding and enable these projects to both start and be delivered sooner. Finally, from a planning perspective, as municipal budgets continue to be squeezed, it will support year-to-year budget certainty and improve the year-to-year internal budget planning process.

“We pride ourselves on keeping our ears to the ground and being aggressively responsive to the market from a technology, product portfolio and business model perspective,” says Chris Baughman - Senior Director Local Government Sales. “As municipal budgets have continued to be subject to downward pressure, but at same time have made it clear how much they value our solutions, we are not reluctant to be the leaders in the space to offer tangible, meaningful action to better align our common interests”.
For more information, contact your Cyclomedia sales representative or contact us at [email protected]

About Cyclomedia

Founded in 1980, Cyclomedia is the leading international provider of data and software solutions virtualizing the outside world accurately on-screen. Cyclomedia customers derive actionable insights from the geodata platform to power day-to-day decisions remotely and with more accuracy, delivering exceptional ROI. Cyclomedia focuses its solutions on tax assessment, asset management, public safety, construction & engineering, utility & transportation, and insurance & real estate. Cyclomedia employs 270 people with US headquarters and operations based in Madison, Wisconsin, global headquarters in The Netherlands, and global operations in Germany and Scandinavia.