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Street Hive: Making change actionable

Experience the flexibility and ease of use

Always in control

Meet Street Hive, the easy-to-use mobile mapping solution that allows you to capture geospatial data yourself, including high-quality 360-degree photos and 3D point clouds.

With Street Hive, you're in control. Collect data whenever and wherever you want. Unlike a typical Cyclomedia capture, which is done once per year, Street Hive enables you to capture as many times as you see fit and in the areas that matter to you, resulting in relevant and up-to-date information. Street Hive gives you the flexibility to focus on changes that are important to you. 

Watch the recording of the Street Hive introduction webinar.

Practical and powerful

Do you need to capture change within your environment several times a year? If so, meet Street Hive, our plug-and-play solution that gives you the freedom to capture your own data when and where you need it.

Fit Street Hive on a wide range of passenger vehicles, determine your route and press capture. Then, access your data and AI-powered insights in Street Smart within 24 hours. It's that simple.

Take a look at the Street Hive video!

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Watch a recording of the Street Hive introduction webinar on Wednesday 28 June and learn everything about our new plug-and-play solution to capture data yourself
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Never Compromise on Quality

Combine Street Hive with our highly accurate DCR-captured street-level data for the perfect blend of speed and precision. Here's a quick overview of the differences between a regular DCR10 capture and a custom Street Hive capture. Using Street Hive as an add-on to DCR data, improves the accuracy of the Street Hive data below 30 centimeters.

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The Street Hive Advantage: 5 use cases

Our clients are using Street Hive to manage change and minimise risk across a wide range of scenarios.

1. Keep public spaces clean and safe

Local governments use Street Hive to identify fly-tipping hot spots and track refuse levels that deviate from agreed service standards.

2. Vegetation Management

Utility companies and cities are using Street Hive to identify vegetation growth that could put assets and overhead lines at risk.

3. Monitoring of construction and redevelopment projects

Construction companies and cities use Street Hive to monitor progress across building and construction projects, ensuring works are progressing as contracted.

4. Preventative Maintenance

Cities and utility companies use Street Hive to manage and monitor asset conditions so they can proactively identify potential points of failure before it becomes critical.

5. Tax assessments

Cities use Street Hive to accurately monitor property changes, permitting and commercial signage so the correct taxes are charged proactively.

Test and Try Street Hive

To see the benefits Street Hive can give you and your team, sign up for a pilot project today and try Street Hive for a short time yourself to experience the flexibility and ease of use. 



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