30 years leading in imagery solutions

CycloMedia has 30-years’ experience in developing street-level recordings with GIS accuracy. Our technology creates parallax-free imagery with highly accurate positioning details, which is key to our professional user base.

Thanks to unique, by CycloMedia developed advanced camera and processing techniques, large areas are captured in geometrically correct images and stored in a database. This imagery database is accessible to business users via the Internet anywhere, anytime and with any device.

CycloMedia employs about 120 employees, spread across three global locations, of which 30% work in our Research & Development department at the head office in Zaltbommel, Netherlands. We are an innovative organization. Our employees are passionate about our products, services and customers.

Our customers today perceive CycloMedia’s images as maps in which they can easily pinpoint the exact location of objects, identify objects automatically and calculate the dimensions of the objects selected. CycloMedia supplies accurately positioned images in combination with user friendly software that plugs into the existing customer GIS software applications.

CycloMedia is the only player with proven ability to systematically capture, process and serve accurately georeferenced imagery on a nationwide scale using an integrated system covering the entire production chain. We provide ready-made solutions throughout Europe and North America. Our technology is widely used in government GIS, public safety, and security markets, as well as in construction, infrastructure management, and insurance.


CycloMedia has developed a system capable of capturing full 360 degree spherical panoramic images, that are geometrically correct, while in motion; up to 120kms/h at a 5m image interval.

The patented system can be flexibly mounted on cars, but also on boats.

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