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Blog | 28 February 2024

Lighting the Way: Revolutionizing Street Lighting Maintenance and Luminary Switchover

Street lighting, often overlooked yet indispensable to public infrastructure, plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety and security on our roads. With 56 million street lights across Europe, the responsibility falls on street lighting companies to modernize and adhere to EU guidelines for energy-efficient solutions.

In the US and Europe, we're witnessing a shift towards connected street lighting platforms and Central Management Systems. This not only enhances customer service but also aids in achieving energy and emission goals, all while reducing maintenance costs. The transition to LED lighting might involve higher installation costs, but the long-term benefits—lasting durability and 50-80% less energy consumption—lead to significant cost and CO2 reductions.

Beyond illumination, street light poles are evolving into vital hosts for smart city technologies, from small cells to EV charge points and air quality sensors. Efficient maintenance becomes paramount. Our eBook delves into the significance of street lighting, the challenges in enhancing sustainability, and how technology can efficiently manage these changes. Learn from success stories of utility companies leveraging technology to transform street lighting projects while maximizing ROI.

Market View: Shining Light on Safety, Sustainability, and Public Costs

Street lighting is not just about lighting up roads; it's a fundamental element in the development of towns and cities worldwide. It enhances visibility, deters criminal activities, and ensures public safety. However, the entities responsible for street lighting face environmental and cost challenges. 

Old and inefficient systems contribute significantly to electricity consumption, making the switch to LED lighting imperative. According to the European Commission, artificial lighting consumes 16.5% of global electricity production.

The New Role of Street Lighting

Street lighting is no longer just a means of illumination; it's a catalyst for deploying smart technologies. Positioned strategically, street lights become hosts for innovations like grid communications, smart metering, 5G small cells, IoT devices, and EV charge points. 

Transitioning to smart street lighting across the EU could save taxpayers more than €2 billion a year, as per Sharing Cities.

Cyclomedia's Solution: Transforming Your Business

Cyclomedia has pioneered a solution integrating georeferenced 360° images, LiDAR point clouds, and AI to expedite large-scale, network-wide asset inventory projects. This innovative approach eliminates the need for site visits, providing accurate insights for proactive maintenance and faster time to market.

Curious about how Cyclomedia can transform your business? Illuminate your path to efficiency and sustainability and connect with us!

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