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News | 01 November 2022

Truly back in time with Street Smart

Truly back in time with Street Smart

Our Street Smart specialists are working daily to improve this beautiful application. One of the improvements we will implement on Wednesday 5 October concerns the timeline. This will allow you to really travel back in time in Street Smart and more details will be available.

What's new?

In the improved time-slider, we have tweaked a few things. These tweaks make it feel like much more natural to go back in time within Street Smart. The update makes historical image viewing much clearer, allowing you to go back in time to inspect a location in no time.

  • Zoom in and out on the timeline by scrolling. This allows you to see exactly in which year and even which month the recording was made.
  • The timeline shows year labels. You can see at a glance how far back the recordings go.
  • Hover pop-up with exact date of recording.