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Public order and safety

Cyclomedia provides rich visual and spatial intelligence for emergency and rescue services. Fast response times are crucial for all emergency situations. The use of street-level data provides situational awareness. A remote visual check helps determine priorities, work responsibilities, safe and fast access routes for emergency services and the equipment required. It’s an important aid in planning the most appropriate and effective response in cases of an emergency.

Visual support for control rooms

In a control room, every second counts. As soon as an alert comes in, it’s essential to have insight into the exact location of the alert and the immediate surroundings as quickly as possible. Cyclomedia data provides the valuable insights that control rooms need. 

For example, when a fire is reported, the property is mapped with detailed information about the building. Questions such as: “Where are the doors?” “How is the building constructed?” and “How many floors are there?” can be answered immediately. In addition, valuable information about the entire affected area is available. Incredibly relevant, if there are schools or storage facilities for chemical waste nearby. All information can be used to determine the required resources for the emergency.

Access routes are mapped out, in order to optimise the accessibility for emergency services (fire brigade and ambulance). Emergency services can be informed immediately about potential dangers and obstacles at the location. This reduces response times to a minimum and saves lives.

Crucial information for police services

Thorough preparation is crucial for any police task. Information about the location and the immediate surroundings is extremely important. A situation can be explored and assessed remotely with Cyclomedia imagery online. 

Street images (Cycloramas) offer pictures of locations from a public road. All relevant detailed information is captured by Cycloramas in public spaces (lampposts, street furniture, etc.). This is a valuable addition to field work in an investigation.

Security at events

Much is involved in the organization of a large event and many things have to be taken into consideration. An important aspect is general safety. For this reason, police services use imagery early in the process when they’re preparing for an event. Visual information about the location of the event, including street level images, LiDAR point clouds and high-resolution aerial pictures, are an important aid in deciding how to deploy emergency services and crowd management.