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News | 14 December 2022

Street Smart is about to change

Just like your organisation, Cyclomedia does not sit still. Every day, together with our customers, we work hard to make Street Smart even better, so that you can continue to make optimal use of this smart viewer.

As of today, Street Smart looks slightly different from what you are used to. This brand new look better suits who Cyclomedia is today and who it wants to be in the future.

But what does this mean for you?

So far, this only means a change of colour, but over time you will experience more and more updates when it comes to Street Smart. So this first update is a foretaste of many more changes Street Smart is going to get. We will, of course, keep you updated so you don't get any surprises.

No worries.

Street Smart remains recognisable, but is slowly transforming into the best version of itself to make your job easier.

So what else is going to change?

  • We will soon launch a new dashboard that invites our users to try out new features, test new releases and provide feedback prior to a new release.
  • There will be an improved viewer whose placement and design of windows and buttons have been tweaked. This customization will be based on how customers currently use Street Smart so we are sure it will make your work easier.
  • We are bringing revamped measurement and overlay features that allow intuitive measurements and overlays easily for all the different datasets we offer.

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